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August 29, 2012



Deep Fried Gadgets

August 24, 2012

Technology gets the greasy spoon treatment in a photo series by Henry Hargreaves


Beer battered tablets and crispy fried notebooks are just a few of the dishes served up in “Deep Fried Gadgets”, a delicious new series by photographer Henry Hargreaves. Inspired by an internet video of a Japanese youth deep frying and eating his PSP, Hargreaves decided to refine the idea by toning down the danger and upping the artistry. With the concept in tow, Hargreaves began gathering up used gadgets—ranging from MacBooks to Game Boys to external hard drives—from friends who were willing to indulge his artistic vision.


When asked about the obvious dilemmas one faces when deep frying a battery pack, Hargreaves confesses that the objects are actually models made from foam core and decorated with images of the actual devices. “I was nervous about what would happen when I put them in 400 degree oil—were these things going to kick back at me?” Hargreaves tells Cool Hunting. With this added precaution, Hargreaves and food stylistCaitlin Levin went to work plating up the tech gadgets in the style of a greasy spoon diner.


Hargreaves sees a natural narrative between fast food and mobile technology. As he explains, “You get the device, you’re excited about it, you consume it, and then you disregard it.” While the self-taught photographer does a fair amount of commercial work—including food photography—his side projects tend to challenge traditional genres. In the case of “Deep Fried Gadgets”, Hargreaves wanted to break out of the “food porn” look by presenting something that was at once mouthwatering and repulsive.

Constantly exploring new avenues, the photographer recently constructed a portrait of Queen Elizabeth from 1,400 pieces of toast in honor of the Queen’s Diamond Jubillee. CH has previously featured Hargreaves for his “3DD” series, which depicts nude images of well-endowed females in eye-popping 3D.


Coachella eco-artist

May 3, 2012


Nestled between majestic mountains and the desert of Indio, California, The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival is an event which gathers more than 300 thousand people listening to music. Beyond the musical chords, the festival turns to an artistic sidewith a number of times the space in continual communion with nature. The sculptures are made from recycled materials as a creative project sustainability. With this premise, a kite made of balloons floating sculpture forming a catenary-Balloon-Chain, structuresbamboo spikes that emerge from each other, prisms stacked in a pyramid shape,undulating spiers, arches fluorescent; installations made with trash cans ; cubesilluminated from lasers and dry ice, and inner tubes to generate ‘roots’ that arise from the floor. This is a complex and recycling facilities that coexist between ephemeral endemiccontext, both geographically and sensory.

By Fernando Resendiz

New Quentin Tarantino‘s Film

April 16, 2012

Following the release of the excellent teaser poster for Quentin Tarantino‘s Django Unchained, The Weinstein Company has now released the film’s official synopsis.  Briefly, the movie takes place before the Civil War, and follows Django (Jamie Foxx), an escaped slave who teams up with a bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) in order to rescue Django’s wife (Kerry Washington) from a cruel plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio).  The outstanding cast also includes Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Garrett Dillahunt, Walton Goggins, RZA, M.C. Gainey, Dennis Christopher, Gerald McRaney, Laura Cayouette, Don Johnson, Tom Savini, and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Hit the jump to check out the full synopsis.  Django Unchained opens December 25th.

NY just built an App for finding ART in the subway.

March 16, 2012

As NYC becomes increasingly in-tune with technological innovation and the startup scene, it’s becoming less and less surprising to see the city, even departments like the MTA, embracing all things tech. Just last week we saw NY taxi cabs outfitted with slick Square payment systems and iPads, and before that we noted the new initiatives to bring WiFi and cellular reception into our beloved, sticky and often uncomfortably humid subway stations.

Now, we’ve just heard wind that the MTA is working to bring a public art app to subway riders, showcasing the Arts for Transit program which has been active since 1985. You may not have known this, but NY’s subway system is quite the source of fine art. As Art Beat explains, “for many years the most underrated art museum in New York City has also, oddly, been the one with by far the most visitors, millions a day: the subway system.”

While I’ve kept an eye out and noticed some art being showcased in the city’s underground hollows, there’s never been a simple way to discover pieces all across New York.

murray 520x249 NYC just built an app for finding art in its largest gallery: The subway system

To solve this problem, the MTA has been working with Meridian, a mobile software company based in Portland (not sure why a NY firm would’t suffice). According to the NY Times, the free app will be available soon “to serve as a guide to the 186 permanent works installed throughout the stations, and to a few dozen more in the Metro North and Long Island Rail Road systems.”

ellmann 520x249 NYC just built an app for finding art in its largest gallery: The subway system

According to the Wall Street Journal, Meridian actually developed the app for free, and will split profits 50/50 with NYC if advertisements end up being included.

hauben 520x249 NYC just built an app for finding art in its largest gallery: The subway system

More, from the NY Times:

The app – which Sandra Bloodworth, the director of MTA Arts for Transit, says is still a work in progress – provides information either by subway line or by artist, from the abstract painter Al Held to the author and illustrator Yumi Heo, with Roy Lichtenstein, Elizabeth Murray and Sol Lewitt in between. The app also provides detailed maps of some of the larger stations and guided turn-by-turn tours, along with short video and audio pieces about artists and their work. (It can be synced before descending into cell-phone dead-zone stations or used interactively with location-based help at above-ground stations and ones that have been wired, like the 14th Street station on the A line in Manhattan.)

“In a setting like the subway,” Ms. Bloodworth said, “art really does something. It gives a certain amount of dignity to your ride and your day. And this is finally going to be like having the whole collection in the palm of your hand.”

Screen Shot 2012 03 15 at 7.21.50 PM 520x274 NYC just built an app for finding art in its largest gallery: The subway system

While the app is not yet available, you can take a sneak peek at the design on Meridian’s site.

Screen Shot 2012 03 15 at 8.13.05 PM 520x334 NYC just built an app for finding art in its largest gallery: The subway systemI honestly had no idea that the works of acclaimed artists like Roy Lichtenstein were even in the subway system, which is exactly why such an app is very necessary. Now, all we need is a little extra cleaning, non-stop WiFi, cell reception and a dehumidifier the size of Godzilla and I’ll be set for life.

Update: You can download the app here, free for Android & iOS. You can also see more subway art here.

Screen Shot 2012 03 15 at 7.38.13 PM NYC just built an app for finding art in its largest gallery: The subway system


BY: @harrisonweber

Black Swan: The Sequel

March 9, 2012

This year’s New York City Ballet spring gala will include a performance put together by Black Swan choreographer Benjamin Millepied with dancers dressed by the movie’s costume designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte. And that’s not all, angry-bird-lovers — one Natalie Portman will serve as honorary chairman of the event, scheduled for May 10.

Monday Monday

March 5, 2012

Military, Papa, surfer, dancer, boxer, among other trades and professions, are the expression of French photographer Monday Monday for a baby who will soon decide their future.

I Have a (Puzzling) Dream

March 1, 2012

MAKE Sales Manager Brigitte Kunde shared this amazing build with us, spotted online by a friend of hers. Pete Fecteau used over 4,000 Rubik’s Cubes to create this 18′ 6″ x 9′ 8″ mosaic of Dr. Martin Luther King. Apparently Rubik’s-based artwork is a “thing.” There’s Rubik’s Einstein, Lincoln, Sitting Bull, Kathy Lee and Hoda(?). There’s even a name for the genre: Rubikcubism.

Alfredo Velasco Art

January 20, 2012


– Alfredo Velasco Art –
Despite his short career as an artist, Alfredo Velasco is already areference in the transformer art. The objective of this work is to revive old objects and give them a second wind while they become art. His works are at ARCO this year.


via: @hoyrecomiendo


January 12, 2012


The IOU Project produces unique, handmade apparel based on fabrics handwoven in India. Because each textile is unique, we provide end buyers with the ability to trace the production process from finished goods right back to the weaver that hand-wove the fabric. The stories of how that item was created, of the people involved, of the customers who purchased them, are the essence of the the e-commerce social network which The IOU Project has built as a meeting place for a community that shares our brand values of authenticity, transparency, uniqueness and both social and environmental responsibility. Visit us at or follow us on twitter at @theiouproject.


The IOU Project crea prendas únicas, basadas en un tejido hecho a mano en la India. Como cada tejido es único, damos la oportunidad al comprador de seguir el proceso de producción desde la prenda que se ha comprado hasta el tejedor que hizo la tela a mano. Las historias de cómo fue creada cada prenda; las personas que participaron en el proceso; y los compradores que las adquirieron, son la esencia de la red social del comercio electrónico que The IOU Project ha construido como punto de encuentro para compartir nuestros valores de marca de autenticidad, transparencia, originalidad, responsabilidad social y medioambiental. Ven a conocernos en o síguenos en Twitter at

Floppy Portraits by Nick Gentry

January 12, 2012

Image Courtesy of Nick Gentry

I don’t know about you but I grew up in an era when floppy disks, cassette and VHS tapes were carried about in everyone’s school bag at school. We used to share our music by borrowing handed out tapes swearing we would return it safely. Computer games where shared through multiple floppy disks and we all had our own iterations of the best mix tape straight from the radio. So much content, information and data was embedded into those storage devices and now they seem to be only a slight flashback of our past. What is it to do with this media that we invested so much time, taste and emotion? Even though the days of sharing VHS, floppy disks and cassette tapes are gone, Nick Gentry, a British graduate of Central St. Martins has a strong connection to these media forms and wants you to send him yours if you have any.

Image Courtesy of Nick Gentry

Growing up with those devices, he is inspired by the sociological impact of the new internet culture. His portraits use a combination of obsolete but unforgotten media formats. The layering of these elements speaks in tomes on issues of identity, information and waste. By utilizing these old formats, he is able to prolong and their lives thereby creating new meaning. Using them as canvas or as I like to call them, Floppy Pixels, the portraits create an interesting connection to the media.  When looking at his work, one cannot help but think about whether there is a strong connection between the media and the portrait. What kind of data do these floppy disks contain? What does it say about the character portrayed? The experience of his art layers the dichotomy of whether the character is liberated from technology or entrapped by it. Do we master technology or does it master us?

Image Courtesy of Nick Gentry

The exploration of how humankind is integrating with technology continues to be pivotal to Nick Gentry‘s work. As we continue to be beings of social learning, our evolution to adopting and innovating in technology will continue to increase this fragile tipping point of intense dependency.

Image Courtesy of Nick Gentry

Image Courtesy of Nick Gentry

Image Courtesy of Nick Gentry

Image Courtesy of Nick Gentry

Image Courtesy of Nick Gentry

Image Courtesy of Nick Gentry

Image Courtesy of Nick Gentry

Image Courtesy of Nick Gentry

Image Courtesy of Nick Gentry

Image Courtesy of Nick Gentry

Image Courtesy of Nick Gentry

Image Courtesy of Nick Gentry

2012 Olympic Games Posters!

January 12, 2012

Six months after start one of the most anticipated sporting eventsevery four years, and were presented posters will see in the 2012Olympic and Paralympic Games.

There are 12 posters that were created by artists whose designsdirerentes purport to show a modern London and teeming with life.What is your favorite?











Gizmon iCA Case Converts Your iPhone Into a Vintage Camera

January 11, 2012

There is something about wanting to give your gadget a vintage look, that fascinates a lot of people. We’ve seen cases that make your iPhone look like the Sony Walkman, Lego Bricks, Polaroids, NES controllers,gameboy, books, those giant phones back in the 1980s and the list goes on…

Here’s another worthy addition to the list, the Gizmon iCA, which gives your phone the look of a vintage camera.

On the surface, the case appears to be just a case, but according to the product description on Four Corner Stone, it’s a lot more:

With iPhone photography growing everyday, why not ditch the point and shoot and just use your phone? Constructed of super tough Polycarbonate, the case surrounds your phone and comes with two ‘lenses’ that attach to the front. A detachable tripod mount is great for longer exposures and the soft Gizmon bag will protect the Camera, uh, iPhone when not in use.

The Shutter button on the top of the iCA really works too!

Two holes are provided for the strap of your choice, and the Gizmon Lens Series snaps right into place for Macro or Fisheye images.

So the case not only makes your iPhone look like a vintage camera, it also functions like one.

There’s a mirror at the back for self-shots, an optical viewfinder to probably make the case even more old-school and a lens mount to attach additional lenses. And in case you’re wondering, the microphone, speaker and the 30-pin connector would all be fine, even with the case on. (For a detailed description of the case, visit the product page.)

The case costs $65 on Four Corner Stone and is available in white, black and brown. The neck strap would cost you an additional $30, while the Macro and Fisheye lens, each sell at $45.

Costly? Sure, but the functionality along with the design is pretty cool.

Do you think it’s worth the price?

L.A.dy Dior The Film – Starring Marion Cotillard

December 14, 2011

Watch the fifth installment of the Lady Dior films; a comedy entitled ‘L.A.dy Dior’ directed by John Cameron Mitchell and starring French actress Marion Cotillard. The film is inspired by an amusing piece of footage shot by Richard Avedon in 1973 and stars supermodel and actress Lauren Hutton. Get the full story at:

Art in 3.2 Million ink dots.

December 7, 2011

The making of “Hero,” a drawing of my dad composed entirely out of 3.2 million ink dots.

Anuncian Cartel + Bandas para Vive Latino 2012

December 7, 2011

Las bandas que conforman la cartelera del Festival Vive Latino edición 2012 fueron presentadas oficialmente esta mañana.

En conferencia de prensa en el Teatro Metropólitan, organizadores del Festival Iberoamericano de Cultura Musical Vive Latino revelaron la alineación oficial que podrá ser escuchada los próximos 23,24 y 25 de marzo en 2012.

Dentro de las bandas que conforman la cartelera están:

Adhesivo, Alfonso André, Amandititita, Antidoping, Antoine Reverb, Austin Tv, Black Tide, Café Tacvba, Caramelos De Cianuro, Carla Morrison, Catupecu Machu, Comisario Pantera, Def con Dos, Dënver, Descartes a Kant, Disidente, Dld.

Eddy y los Grasosos, El Brujo, El Personal, Enrique Bunbury, Estirpe, Forastero & Manicomio Clan, Foster The People, Francisca Valenzuela, Furland, Gogol Bordello, Haragán y Cía, Hello Seahorse, Hocico, Illya Kuryaky, Instituro Mexicano del Sonido.

Jaime Lopez, Jauria, Javiera Mena, Jumbo, Kapanga, Kasabian, Kinky, La Lupita, La Vida Bohéme, Los Caligaris, Los Esquizitos, Los Kung Fu Monkeys, Los Patita de Perro, Lost Acapulco, Madness, Mamastróficos, Manos de Topo, Maskatesta, Molotov, Monocordio.

Napoléon Solo, Niña, Nonpalidese, Phito Torres, Puerquerama, Rodlevario, Sekta Core, Selectro-On, SFDK, Sidhartta, Señor Flavio, Suave as Hell, Systema Solar, Tanke, The Volture, The Wookies, Toy Selectah, Triciclo Circus Band, Tropikal Forever, Tv on the Radio, URSS bajo el árbol, V for Volume, Vetusta Morla, Voltax, Wrokk, Zoé.

Los horarios, mapa y escenarios así como la distribución de las bandas en cada escenario podrá encontrarse en la página oficial del Vive Latino en los próximos días.

Los organizadores del Vive Latino anunciaron mediante su cuenta en twitter (@vivelatino), que Zoé, Bunbury y Black Tide estarán tocando el viernes 23 de marzo mientras Café Tacvba y Kasabian lo harán el sábado 24 y Molotov y Madness subirán al escenario el domingo 25.

Los pasados 5 y 6 de diciembre salieron a la venta los primeros boletos “para elegidos”, entradas que estuvieron a un precio especial por la incógnita sobre las agrupaciones que conformarían el cartel.

Se anunció que los próximos 8 y 9 será la preventa exclusiva; a partir del 10 de diciembre podrán adquirirse las entradas generales.

El Vive Latino llegará en 2012 con su edición número 13, luego de 2011 donde presentó bandas como Chemical Brothers, Enjambre, Bomba Estéreo, Enanitos Verdes y consiguió el regreso a los escenarios de Caifanes.

RADIOHEAD April 17 Mexico City

November 23, 2011

El grupo londinense se presentará en el Foro Sol en el DF el próximo 17 de Abril.

Ciudad de México  • Luego de varios rumores iniciados hace un par de semanas, la noticia está confirmada y la agrupación Radiohead llegará a México el próximo 17 de Abril de 2012 para ofrecer una presentación en el Foro Sol en la capital mexicana.

Caribou y Other Lives serán las bandas encargadas de abrir el espectáculo; la venta de boletos comenzará el 1 de Diciembre por medio de Ticketmaster y los precios van desde los $230 hasta lo $1,100.

De acuerdo a su calendario de presentaciones en la página oficial, la agrupación hizo espacio en abril sólo para venir a México, después de esa fecha tienen programado un show en Roma, Italia, para finales de Junio.

Radiohead llega con el nuevo disco “The King of Limbs”, lanzado a principios de este año.

Acción Poética

November 4, 2011

El movimiento acción poética es un fenómeno literario-mural.

El contenido de las bardas generalmente son pensamientos de amor y profundas frases optimistas originadas por los integrantes mismos. También suele citarse a grandes poetas como Octavio Paz y Jaime Sabines.

Tiene quince años existencia, Acción Poética ha escrito sobre alrededor de 3500 paredes en la ciudad de Monterrey y Área Metropolitana del estado de Nuevo León, México.

Ha llegado a otras ciudades del mismo país de origen como es la Ciudad de México y Guadalajara.

Actualmente un grupo de estudiantes Chilenos hacen homenaje en las calles de Santiago.

Marilyn Manson inaugura exposición en San Ildefonso

November 3, 2011

El cantante estadounidense muestra su faceta como artista plástico y exhibe su obra en el recinto del Centro Histórico

El controvertido cantante estadunidenseMarilyn Manson se encuentra en Méxicopara presentar por primera vez al público de la capital su faceta como artista plástico, mediante la muestra The Path of Misery.

El artista arribó anoche al Antiguo Colegio de San Idelfonso, lugar donde se exhibirá su obra a partir de este fin de semana.

Manson lució vestido en color negro, así como gafas oscuras, mientras cientos de mexicanos a unos metros, en la plancha del Zócalo capitalino, ni siquiera se enteraron de la presencia del rock star pues disfrutaban de la tradicional noche de muertos.

De acuerdo con el creador de temas como Beatiful people, sus obras reflejan de manera conceptual su punto de vista sobre la transición que vive en su interior, como persona y al mismo tiempo como icono de toda una generación.

La exposición de Manson está conformada por 30 pinturas de acuarela y estará en exhibición hasta el 5 de febrero próximo.

“En el último año he tratado de evitar el acto mismo de la miseria al pintar” , declaró el músico, quien la víspera causó gran expectación entre la mayoría de representantes de la prensa.

“En realidad no es una muestra de las cosas que uno necesariamente podría encontrar a lo largo del camino: son las atracciones paralelas que he evitado a lo largo de los años”, refirió el también artista plástico.

De acuerdo con los organizadores, Manson plasma ahora el horror, el sufrimiento, el miedo y la sexualidad, para expresar a través del retrato los sentimientos que encierran los personajes de su obra.

Se pueden apreciar contornos difuminados y colores intensos en criaturas grotescas y a veces desamparadas, camino al sufrimiento y al dolor.

Entre las obras que presenta se encuentra When I get old, un autorretrato que lo muestra encorvado y decrepito, así como las piezas Crop failureEach morning she would pray demons would devour her parents y Sisyphus.

Marilyn Manson realizó a mediados de septiembre de 2002, en el Centro de Exhibiciones de Arte Contemporáneo de Los Angeles, su primera muestra que denominó La edad dorada de lo grotesco.

En abril de 2007 se presentaron varias de sus obras en la galería de arte Space 39 Modern & Contemporary; 40 piezas de esta exposición fueron llevadas a Brigitte Schenk, de la ciudad alemana de Colonia, para ser exhibidas en forma pública.

Entre los habituales compradores de sus obras destacan Flea, Nicolas Cage y Jack Osbourne, pues para Manson ”el arte es lo que me hace feliz, nada menos, es mi manera de hacer que valga la pena vivir y mostrárselo a la gente lo vuelve aún mejor”.

Manson, quien está inspirado por artistas como Salvador Dalí y Egon Schiele, perteneciente a la vanguardia vienesa de la posguerra y fascinado por lo grotesco y lo degenerativo, se manifestó agradecido de estar en este país, aunque su agenda de trabajo aquí permanece como privada.

La exhibición es organizada y producida por 212 Productions, dirigida por Ingrid Barajas y Abel González y podrá visitarse a partir de este viernes en San Ildefonso.