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March 5, 2012

VMAN cover star Matthew Terry has been very busy since we left him last summer, after winning the VMAN/Ford Model Search. The 20-year-old just booked and shot Calvin Klein’s CK Bold underwear campaign and is also the new face of the the label’s CK Jeans line, announcing on billboards around the globe that Terry has arrived. We spoke with the rising star just before he left for Milan for the mens Fall 2012 shows. “The last time I went it was the first time I had ever left the country. This season should be a little easier. I have friends now!” As for the attention he’s received since landing our last cover: “These few months have been busy but amazing. I shot in St. Barth’s with Steven Klein (for Calvin), I’ve been traveling and working as much as I can. It’s the most fun I’ve had…ever.” Between bookings, Matthew is working on a band with pals in Philadelphia where he still lives. The New Jersey native is staying close to home for now, not quite ready to make a permanent move to New York. “I’m staying here for now, but not sure how long I can manage that. It’s a good distance, but I know it’s inevitable.” As for what’s next: “I’m ready for whatever comes my way. But the past few months will be hard to top. This has all been a dream. Thank you.


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