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Printable ‘Lie-ca M3’ camera by Matthew Nicholson

February 3, 2012 , , , , ,

photo © Matthew Nicholson

Just because you cannot afford a Leica camera that does not mean you cannot have one.  Matthew Nicholson, a designer and photographer based in London, has created the ‘Lie-Ca M3’ pinhole camera fully functional with a 35mm film for a fraction of the cost of the real heavy version. The camera comes with a full 10 page pdf (£2.00) with detailed information on how to build this exclusive paper luxury product.  With beautiful infographics and a set of instructions, you can now enjoy the best that your money can buy. Are we therefore buying form or a feeling? This project explores these issues with luxury consumer products and reveals the playfulness of adapting luxury to an attainable experience for those open to it.  Go ahead, try it out and share your pictures with us.

photo © Matthew Nicholson

photo © Matthew Nicholson

photo © Matthew Nicholson

photo © Matthew Nicholson

Leica M3 advertisement from its first year of production; U.S. Camera, December 1954


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