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January 10, 2012 , , , , ,


Pantone, the color matching system. Every designer knows about Pantone. But might I ask you, do you knowthere is more thanone way of using these color chips? You know, besides the print advertisements and paint colors? Ever wanted the perfect shade of shirt but were unable to find it?How about you have artist’s blockand need inspiration? Could you never figure out what kind of color to put into your room? Never fear the designers of the world unite to bring you Pantone products! Granted this article will not show all the products that have been thought up, you can add your own that you find!

First up is Pantone Juice, created by the graphic designer Danny Halvorson. Ok folks, this is just a concept! Sadly you can’t buy this colorful beverage. But if this would become a reality it would definitely give all you creatives a boost for when you have artist’s block.

When you are unable to decide what color scheme to go with here is your answer: the Pantone Printed Leather Chair. Sif Technology has been able to print color on leather! What an amazing feat for them and the industry! Where can you get one? No where…..the production cost is way to high to make more than just a handful.

For your kitchen, Pantone has created storage jars, mugs, aprons, etc. Great for when you want specific colors tocoordinate with our just mix them all up. These items are for sale. Just have to Google Pantone mugs, aprons, or kitchen…easy as pie!


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