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The World’s Most Amazing Trees

January 6, 2013


amazing trees rainbow eucalyptus 2 The Worlds Most Amazing Trees

Source: Christopher Martin Photography

The Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

amazing trees rainbow eucalyptus 3 The Worlds Most Amazing Trees

Source: Photo Net

Like most aphorisms, the adage “art imitates life” is applicable in many cases, but is especially so when remarking on the stunning canvas that is the rainbow eucalyptus tree. Resembling some sort of psychedelic Pollock painting, what one might easily confuse for frenzied, highly saturated brush strokes is actually Mother Nature’s grunt work. This brand of eucalyptus tree sheds its bark in patches sporadically throughout the year and in the process transforms into a technicolor dream. Initially, the exposed undergrowth is bright green, though as it matures the colors shift to blue, purple, orange and then finally maroon tones.

amazing trees rainbow eucalyptus 1 The Worlds Most Amazing Trees

Source: Christopher Martin Photography

amazing trees rainbow eucalyptus 4 The Worlds Most Amazing Trees

Source: Style Wonderlust

The Quaking Aspens

amazing trees quaking aspen 4 The Worlds Most Amazing Trees

Source: Bio 230

Beyond its stunning, canary-colored foliage, quaking aspens are a testament to the fact that unification and solidarity are the key to a long, golden life. While on the surface these trees seem like a cluster of individual timber, the truth is that beneath the soil, all the trees are rooted together into one giant organism, so large in fact that it can be up to 20 acres wide. This serves an advantage in terms of longevity, seeing as one stand of quaking aspens in Bryce Canyon National Park is estimated to be approximately 80,000 years old!

amazing trees quaking aspen 3 The Worlds Most Amazing Trees

Source: Shelley Lake

amazing trees quaking aspen 2 The Worlds Most Amazing Trees

Source: Kitchen Undone

amazing trees quaking aspen 1 The Worlds Most Amazing Trees

Source: Nice Cool Pics

Tetrameles Nudifloras

amazing trees nudifloras 4 The Worlds Most Amazing Trees

Source: Conservation Report

While somewhat reminiscent of dripping candle wax, the roots of the tetrameles nudifloras are much harder to remove once set. Found in many parts of Southeast Asia and Oceania, the seeping trees featured above and below can be seen slowly engulfing the ruins of Cambodia’s historic Ta Prohm Temple.

amazing trees nudifloras 3 The Worlds Most Amazing Trees

Source: Conservation Report”>

amazing trees nudifloras 2 The Worlds Most Amazing Trees

Source: Conservation Report

amazing trees nudifloras 1 The Worlds Most Amazing Trees


ocho necklace

January 6, 2013



a necklace totally handmade in italy, made with 24 brassy and silver spool with coloured cotton yarn, leather neck, you can castomized and disassemble each spool


Designer: vivenzio buongiovanni (Italy)
Manufacturer: monica buongiovanni (Italy)
Inspired By: spool, ochobags
Material: leather, brassy, silver, india rubber
Colours: various

Houzz the new pinterest.

September 2, 2012

Keep it young recommends this week Houzz  the new social network / app for home decor and design.Pinterest is like but this is deeper.


Ideas for recycling for this weekend!

August 30, 2012


August 29, 2012


Deep Fried Gadgets

August 24, 2012

Technology gets the greasy spoon treatment in a photo series by Henry Hargreaves


Beer battered tablets and crispy fried notebooks are just a few of the dishes served up in “Deep Fried Gadgets”, a delicious new series by photographer Henry Hargreaves. Inspired by an internet video of a Japanese youth deep frying and eating his PSP, Hargreaves decided to refine the idea by toning down the danger and upping the artistry. With the concept in tow, Hargreaves began gathering up used gadgets—ranging from MacBooks to Game Boys to external hard drives—from friends who were willing to indulge his artistic vision.


When asked about the obvious dilemmas one faces when deep frying a battery pack, Hargreaves confesses that the objects are actually models made from foam core and decorated with images of the actual devices. “I was nervous about what would happen when I put them in 400 degree oil—were these things going to kick back at me?” Hargreaves tells Cool Hunting. With this added precaution, Hargreaves and food stylistCaitlin Levin went to work plating up the tech gadgets in the style of a greasy spoon diner.


Hargreaves sees a natural narrative between fast food and mobile technology. As he explains, “You get the device, you’re excited about it, you consume it, and then you disregard it.” While the self-taught photographer does a fair amount of commercial work—including food photography—his side projects tend to challenge traditional genres. In the case of “Deep Fried Gadgets”, Hargreaves wanted to break out of the “food porn” look by presenting something that was at once mouthwatering and repulsive.

Constantly exploring new avenues, the photographer recently constructed a portrait of Queen Elizabeth from 1,400 pieces of toast in honor of the Queen’s Diamond Jubillee. CH has previously featured Hargreaves for his “3DD” series, which depicts nude images of well-endowed females in eye-popping 3D.



August 24, 2012


The material’s many forms explored in a beautiful monograph from Phaidon

Concrete-1.jpg Concrete-2.jpg

From the Pantheon to the Hoover Dam, concrete has literally shaped the civilized world as we know it. Although once referred to as “the cheapest (and ugliest) thing in the building world” by Frank Lloyd Wright, concrete’s adaptive properties have propelled it to the forefront of many design movements from brutalism to modernism, being used in some of the most monumental structures the modern world has known. Giving the simple building material the proper recognition, Phaidon has announced “Concrete,” set to release 3 September 2012.


The 240-page monograph celebrates the material in 175 structures including Wright’s iconic Fallingwater residence, Oscar Neimeyer’s extraterrestrial-inspired Niterói Contemporary Art Museum and other inspiring works by the likes of Zaha Hadid, Le Corbusier and Arne Jacobsen

Concrete-Japan.jpg Concrete-Japan-2.jpg

Following an introduction by architectural and design authority Leonard Koren, “Concrete” continues to touch upon eight themes; form, texture, juxtaposition, landscape, light, mass, presence and scale. The division of the monograph follows these themes with stunning imagery and short descriptions, including each structure’s designer and place and date of construction. While the categories divide, a visual narrative joins the works by way freedom of imagination—nothing ascribes to what one may be call typical.


Often labeled as cold and sterile, the most basic of manmade building materials is here shown in a multitude of environments both welcoming and imposing. From the formidable fortresses of Cold War-era Eastern Europe to fluid structures in South America, the uniquely adaptive material tends to take on the emotion of its surroundings. In either design direction however, the result becomes beautifully intriguing.


Set to be published 3 September, “Concrete” is available now for preorder directly from Phaidon andAmazon for $50.

Axe Hair “Office Love” #AD

August 23, 2012

It’s not our fault we’re visual creatures.


August 13, 2012

Each new season brings a chance for reinvention. In the Fall 2012 catalog, Michael Kors mixed muses: on-the-go movie star and relaxed, rugged rocker. Watch the story come to life!

Music by: Coco Morier “Explosions”

Perrier – The Drop

August 10, 2012

When everything is melting on Earth, a gorgeous heroine is sent into space to refresh the world with a bottle of Perrier…



August 10, 2012

It’s a s’mores cake!

s'mores cake

You will need: a 5″ double layer cake already baked and cooled, white buttercream frosting, several unbroken graham crackers, chocolate frosting (the pre-made kind in a plastic container from the grocery store works great, we used Pillsbury Fudge Icing)

s'mores cake

s'mores cake

Place a small bit of frosting onto your plate or cake stand to keep the graham crackers in place. Add a square layer of graham crackers onto the frosting. Gently place the first layer of cake on top of the graham crackers. Frost a thick layer of frosting onto the first layer then add the second layer of cake on top of that one. Frost the outside of the cake. If you need some help, you can watch our video on how to frost a cake. If you are feeling brave, you can frost the cake first and then slide it onto the graham crackers. Your choice! Once the cake is frosted with the white buttercream frosting and added to the bottom layer of graham crackers, soften the chocolate icing in the microwave for a few seconds. Frost it carefully onto the cake to look like the melted chocolate in a s’more. Then add more graham crackers to the top.

Cake by Cheri Robinson. Photos by Julie Parker


July 18, 2012

Hide Your Remotes & Controllers Inside Lift-top Coffee Tables


The other day I was at a friend’s house when I noticed their new coffee table. I also noticed their place looked a lot less cluttered; the usual cluttery-collection of remotes and Wii/Playstation controls were no longer visible. Later, when it was game time, I discovered where everything had gone: inside the lift-top coffee table!

I liked the lift-top coffee table a lot and began browsing the web for some nice options. Here is what I found.

Rustic Storage Coffee Table (shown above the jump): This option from West Elm mixes the functionality with great, warm industrial style. Thanks to its clean lines, warm wood and steel base, it would be an easy fit in many types of decor.


Lucca (shown above): The Lucca table doesn’t provide additional storage, but I like the warm spice finish and feel the lift-top is at a perfect height for placing a laptop on and doing some work in the living room.


Turner (shown above): The Turner table is good for smaller spaces and is well designed with a nice black finish. Because it is a smaller table, the storage space is more limited, but can still hold small items like remote controls, cards and small knick knacks you want to keep out of sight but pull out when you have company.

Herschell: If you want something more sleek and don’t want to go for wood, the Herschell has a white piano painted finish and steel legs. There’s ample storage space beneath, and it’s versatile enough to fit in pretty much any room.


Aurora (shown above): The Aurora coffee table could work equally well in a home office or in the living room because of its modern and minimal design. It comes fully assembled and is available in a sleek gray or white.

Country Vista: This one is an option for those who have furniture in a more classic style and need a coffee table to match. It also has more storage compared to some of the other options. We like the heavy turned and tapered legs and the contrast between the oak veneer and the black finish on the legs.

David Rasmussen Furniture Design – from ashes to production

July 17, 2012

Lego Table

Like the polished core revealed when a geode is cracked open, Lego is a geometrically-shaped table that has been split open, in concept, to reveal it’s multicolored core.  The top is an acrylic painting that has been sanded and sealed for durability.  Lego’s legs are up cycled from old school chairs.

Lego Table
Lego Table
lego table top
lego table top

The Artichoke Table

The Artichoke Table was designed to represent an organic form that has been split to reveal its core, in this case the cross section of an artichoke.  The body of the table is made from shop-molded plywood, faced with exceptionalZebrano veneer, and shaped to form the elliptical shell.  Cocobolo legs are mortised into the shell to make this table heirloom quality. The acrylic painting on the top of the table has been sanded flat and treated to act as a durable tabletop.

artichoke table
artichoke table
artichoke table top
artichoke table top

Kate Moss in George Michael’s new video clip

July 17, 2012




Kate Moss George Michael

Watch the British supermodel in front of the camera in George Michael’s new single “White Light”.

Rewind to 1990 when George Michael invited Naomi CampbellLinda EvangelistaChristy Turlington andTatjana Patitz to feature in his single Freedom!’90. Today, twelve years later his latest music video “White light”, available August 12, brings back the spotlight on an iconic 1990s supermodel. A sultry Kate Moss sways seductively in front of the camera for the first single of his album due this October.

NO DOUBT NEW SONG! / Settle Down

July 17, 2012



No Doubt has released his first song in over ten years, is about ‘Settle Down’ single from her sixth studio album, “Push and Shove ‘. You can listen via and is now available in digital format on iTunes and other stores.

The band released the video today and will be directed by Sophie Muller via E!. “Push and Shove” will launch on September 25.

Bridge Transformed into Giant LEGO Bricks by German Street Artist MEGX

July 16, 2012 1 Comment

Bridge Transformed into Giant LEGO Bricks by German Street Artist MEGX

A plain old overpass was designed to look like giant LEGO bricks by MEGX, a street artist whose graffiti is really quite beautiful. The 250-square-meter bridge in Germany went from bland concrete into one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen. Think it’s photoshopped? It’s not…

Bridge Transformed into Giant LEGO Bricks by German Street Artist MEGX
Photo by MEGX

The Wuppertal, Germany bridge was a blank canvas before MEGX began painting it last year to give it the illusion of stacked, colorful LEGO building blocks. This wasn’t some overnight graffiti bomb — authorities and sponsors helped MEGX create the giant mural over the course of four weeks. Totally legit.

Bridge Transformed into Giant LEGO Bricks by German Street Artist MEGX
Photo by Lukas Pauer

Bridge Transformed into Giant LEGO Bricks by German Street Artist MEGX
Photo by Lukas Pauer

Bridge Transformed into Giant LEGO Bricks by German Street Artist MEGX
Photo by Rolf Dellenbusch


Bridge Transformed into Giant LEGO Bricks by German Street Artist MEGX
Photo by Rolf Dellenbusch

Top photo by Rolf Dellenbusch.

Milk Packing

July 16, 2012